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About My Jewellery Shop Online

My Jewellery Shop Online


About My Jewellery Shop Online


My Story and why My Jewellery Shop Online was born….

As a 5 year old I had a dream to run a successful business that helped people.  Don’t tell me I can’t and if you do I’ll prove you wrong. Unlike my neighbourhood friends, my parents refused to pay me an allowance, solution… a secret income. As an only child I had the best toys, everyone wanted them, an opportunity.  My first store at my birthday was a failure but shaped who I am today.

 2014, Believing in me, I took a leap starting my own company.

 Australian fashion has a reputation for being progressive and ahead of its time. Our lifestyle has elements of freshness and originality.  Home to some of the oldest rock formations in the world, diamonds, opals, sapphires and pearls.  Sadly with such potential at our doorstep it does not translate to success at the retail level.

 Faced with the issues of online jewellery sales coming from overseas websites and a lack of quality boutique Australian sites especially one that that is dedicated to Australian creativity or product.  Many online jewellery stores are bricks-and-mortar stores supplementing revenues that don't aligning to the tech-savvy consumer who want responsive technologies. 

My long-term objective is to bring sales for online jewellery back to Australia. 

Realising within the first six months my objective was more than bringing sales back, it was multi-layered, providing opportunities to export Australian product.  20% of my customer base is international.  We love sending our homegrown product to our overseas friends.  Each piece of jewellery is sent with so much love and pride.

Knowing all this the next step was the how, nothing successful is standalone.   Although creative, I was no jeweller and it’s not my area of expertise.

Creative industries thrive on collaborations.  Creative content of any sort works best when approached as a collaborative partnership. A combination of specialist skills working together to fulfill a customer need. 

 My Jewellery Shop Online was born, it's not just a jewellery store, it so much more.  I collaborate with Australian jewellery and accessory designers using my marketing model and the online store. Together this puts Australian jewellery design and retail back on the world map satisfying customers.


My concept is taking creative designers and showcasing them to the world, a millstone achieved within first 6 months, orders not only local but international too.


Innovation and problem solving is me, I never see a problem as that, it is an opportunity and in this case it is for me and Australian Designers.


Founder of My Jewellery Shop Online


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