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By Lou Ella D'Amore

Of course, any mum is delighted with a call, a card, or any small gesture you make on Mother’s Day. We think surprising her with jewellery will make it a day she remember and your gift is one she will treasure forever? 

 The My Jewellery Shop Online Team have chosen ten pieces that range in style from sweet to Lux statement (prices range from $19.99 to $149). 

If you haven’t gotten your mum anything yet, we recommend checking out one of these gifts.

Mother's day necklace 1.    Thank you, mum  

Price $50.00 

For the sentimental mum.  This simple design is classic and will look beautiful on any woman, regardless of her personal style or what’s trending. This necklace is designed specifically as a gift for mum, which we know she will cherish.

Nicole Fendel earrings 2.    Alissa Large Earrings bu Nicole Fendel   

Price $149.00

If your mum loves bold glamour then these beautiful, Nicole Fendel drop earrings will stand out. They’re a perfect accessory for any mum.  The earrings come in two options silver and gold. A glamorous style mum always shows a dazzling look accompanied with refined drama

She has a subtle allure, which will hover between dramatic and sexy. She is similar to flamboyant style; the clothes often get everyone’s attention, for the right fashion reason of course. A glamorous style is never complete without bling.


pearl and leather necklace3.     Pearl Earing 

Price: $60.00 

If your mum’s a fashionista?  A true fashionista a person who loves fashion has a keen interest in clothing and it's looks.  Her style is current she can create the perfect outfit by pulling together different clothing at the click of her fingers.  She watches what celebs and designers are wearing and can recreate those looks into her look of the day, as no one else can.  On trend is leather, so the Pearl is perfectly available in black and cinnamon 

4.    Madelyn Earring

art deco rose gold earring


Price $70.00

If your mum loves vintage, then these earrings are perfect. Designed to look like art deco but also evoking a youthful, bohemian spirit. They are made from 925 Sterling Silver and plated in rose gold.


5.    Alessandra Necklace 

V bar necklace Price $50.00

The perfect gift for mum on the run is the Alessandra.  How we look and the way we feel about our appearance has a huge impact on our overall self-confidence.  However busy mums often spend less time on how they look and what they buy. Dragging a buggy, organizing lunches.  She spends more time on everyone else than she does herself so we think it really is time to spoil her with a gift that you know shell love but never buy herself.  


6.    Dolce Vita Lariat Necklace 

Price $50.00

For first time mother….. or about to be a new mum.  We picked this as a result of a bbq at the weekend. Five guests had all either just given birth or about to give birth.  The topic was about how they keep being told they look sexy, sadly most didn’t feel that way.   We think the perfect gift for a soon to be mum or a new mum is some luxurious jewellery and that item is the Dolce Vita Lariat is just that. Don't tell a new mum she looks sexy; show her with jewellery!!! 


indian silver ring 7.    The Chief Indian Ring 

Price $50.00  

The Hippie Mum is a straight-up spiritually minded, essential-oil-using, universe-appreciating kind of gal.  She loves summer and nature. A Pretty cool lady who will embrace the modern day bohemian style of ring stacking.  Buy her the Chief Indian and a few others and she'll love you forever.  Or check out our Spiritual jewellery section in store [insert link]

sterling silver floating heart necklace 8.    Mimi floating heart necklace $40.00

The perfect gift for a working mum is understated, elegant charm and chain jewellery.  All Mum’s have a knack for taking care of every single person in the family, including the pets. They are always busy attending to the needs of everyone. On top of that, they have to manage their job too. The Floating Heart Necklace is perfect as it is a symbol of love and she can wear it to work.  Made from 925 Sterling Silver.


sterling silver pearl ring9.    Mandy Pearl Ring

Price $135.00

Perfect for the Classic mum – A classic style may express comfort, but really it focuses more on quality. Classic apparel has a superb fabric and impeccable tailoring sand of course pearl jewellery. It focuses on clean uncluttered lines and creates a sense of balance. Expressing a sense of stability, she shows simple elegance and we know she’ll love the Mandy Ring.

10.    Chira Tassels Necklace 

Price $19.99beaded tassel necklace

The Arty mum; as the name suggests, pertains to a creative thinker. The clothes an arty girl wears shows her artistic themes. Arty style avoids the conventional and chooses something unique. She loves colour and is bold.  People with arty style also prefer handcrafted items and chira is perfect.



Don’t’ underestimate the power giving jewellery to your mum. It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way.  Pick the right Mother's Day gift with us.