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7 Tips on Buying Earrings to Wear at Work

By Lou Ella D'Amore

We have written on this topic before. We all know that dressing right in a professionally setting is an important part of achieving career success.
Presentation DOES count!

Earrings are one way that you can enjoy fashion in the workplace and still maintaining a professional appearance. We are going to give you a few tips on the right ones

There are some things women should keep in mind when looking for the perfect pair of earrings. We will show you how to maintain a professional and polished appearance.

1. Avoid Long Earrings

Don’t get me wrong I love the new thread earring that is in vogue right now, however, and it may not work in all environments. They can be distracting, to you, and for co-workers. Longer earrings are also dangerous in some professions.

Some larger earrings that dangle can also be loud. You know that jingle jangle noise whenever you move. A shorter pair of earrings is often best. This does not mean you are giving up bling at the office;rose gold earrings to wear to work the Madelyn is one of best sellers ($70.00) as it can be worn to work, for drink and dress up an evening dress too. A simple pearl or stud earring is also a good staple to wardrobe. Buy earrings that can transcend from office to playtime; they do exist.

2. Best Earrings for your Face Shape

Face shape is a significant factor in picking jewellery items above the neckline. Ise our guide to accentuate your best features and take the emphasis away from problem areas you may have or think you have.

  • Round face: Soft curves work best and a slight drop is also good. Some not all larger earrings can look great on round faces
  • Square Face: I know it sounds obvious, but avoid square earrings. Hoop earrings (not to big) and short drop earrings work well
  • Oval face: You can wear it all, the most versatile face shape for earrings. So don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks, because you can.
  • Heart face: Your best shape is teardrop earrings as they balance this face shape
  • Triangle Face: They say opposites attract and this applies here too, round earrings create a soft and feminine appearance, keep away from the triangle.

3. Classic Designs are a must

Simple, traditional jewellery is a must. It’s suitable for work and special occasions. Budget-friendly options are available you do many options; trust me I'm a jewellery blogger!

Rose Gold is back with a vengeance so add this to your Jewellery box this season if you don’t have a pair. It is classic and stylish.

The simple drop earring is also a style to consider, works well for the office and after the office appropriate too and you’ll add another classic earring to your jewellery box toolkit.

4. Add Some Colour

Earrings with some colour can add an extra element to a wardrobe without coming across as too flashy. Light blue topaz or turquoise earrings make a subtle statement, as does black onyx earrings.

5. Rose Gold Earrings flatters all skin tones
Rose Gold is a flattering metal, that works well on many different skin tones. It is the metal of the season and will be here to stay for the next few years. Our jewellery suggestion; jump onboard if you haven’t’ already It casts a warm hue for a pale complexion and looks just as good with a tan. Short gold drop earrings look professional and add a little zest to your look.

6. Telephone Friendly Earrings

That dreaded long call or phone meeting can result in complaints about earrings interfering with the use of your phone. Some earrings can be uncomfortable. Flat button earrings solve this problem, Just make sure you get the right shape to suit your face or be all Hollywood in the 60’s and take them off as you answer the phone. I always wanted to do that but it only works with clip-on earrings!!!Sterling Silver Bow Earrings

7. Work them into your overall look and style

Coordinate other pieces of jewellery with the earrings with your outfit to create a polished look for the workplace. Often, earrings come in matching jewellery sets, which makes it easy to pick pieces that work well together. Some women have fun mixing and matching, and it is important to follow certain guidelines for these pieces of jewellery as well.

If you dress well in the workplace, it can help professionals advance in their careers and open up opportunities for them. Use jewellery as a mechanism to let your personality shine through. Stamp your personal jewellery style to into the wardrobe and create a polished appearance in the workplace.


Any jewellery but especially earrings can enhance an outfit. You now know all the fashion tricks and your jewellery toolkit has seven tips on buying earrings to wear at work; today is a good fashion day.

Don’t’ underestimate the power of jewellery in the workplace. It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way. Pick the right earrings to wear to work with us.