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By Lou Ella D'Amore 

The founder of our Online Jewellery Store loves Australian jewellery designers.  When Maria found out that we buy jewellery online from non-local stores, she stood up and yelled I am going to change that.  You could say she did just that, achieving extraordinary wins within the first twelve months of business.  Her objective was simple to promote and sell Australian Jewellery Designers online from one store.  

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery Nicole Fendel earringsToday we deep dive Nicole Fendel.  Like us, she is located in Melbourne; she grew up in Perth, born in South Africa and moved to Melbourne in 2003. “I was looking for a bit of an adventure and looking for a bigger city with lots of cultures and design,” Nicole say about picking Melbourne as her new home town.

With a background is in interior architecture, she started making jewellery as a hobby. Her hobby soon enough became her business and nearly ten years later, she is one of Australia’s most successful jewellery designers and her brand is one of the most recognisable in Australian.  

“As a Nicole Fendel stockist, I find I turn on the TV at least once a week and spot someone wearing her necklaces, signature earrings or those rings” My Jewellery Shop Online Founder Maria.  

Away from the design, she is a real Melbournite, living and working in Malvern.  She loves the area, renowned for good food and a lively atmosphere. She can often be found at the local small hidden cafes in the area.

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery Nicole Fendel JewelleryWhen it comes to jewellery inspiration, she spends a few solo hours in places like the Botanic Gardens having that down time gives her the boost she needs to get creative. However, she doesn’t get too much downtime with a two young pre-school children. Downtime tends to be spent at kid-friendly cafés.  

Her design philosophy is simple each collection is created with very different inspiration. Starting with a single piece that she loves and would wear herself.

Obviously, Nicole Fendel Jewellery makes a great gift.  She designs and is best known for beautiful pieces that have distinct engravings on them to empower the wearer and to bring something very sentimental. Everyone loves sentimental jewellery and this is the base to 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery nicole fendel jewellery

Nicole’s designs.  She has an amazing eye for design detail; her cuffs are perfectly designed the use of metal textures in all her pieces are rivalled by none. 

Nicole is often heard saying “I have the dream job. On a daily basis, I am surrounded by creativity, beautiful design and a dynamic, inspiring team that are all passionate about the brand”.

She reminds me of that girl all want to be, a designer, career women and successful too.  A mother, a wife and she balance them all. Prioritisation, organisation and time management is what Nicole sees as the key to juggling career and motherhood. What she quickly admits is not always easy when you are sleep deprived.


Don’t’ underestimate the power of jewellery and how great our Australian designers are.   It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way.  Pick your favourite Nicole Fendel jewellery with us.