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By Louu Ella D'amore

Street style is a fashion style that is considered to have emerged from the grassroots. It’s that head turning girl you see walking down the street. Associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in the main urban centres worldwide. You’ll find this girl on the streets of New York, London, Japan, Melbourne, Milan, or any capital city around the world.  Mainstream fashion often adopts street fashion trends and as more designers emerge from the grass roots we have seen it hit us from both ends.  

When we look back at history, we find that Hippies were the street style of the Bohemian era. Punk fashion was probably the biggest street style movement to date. In fact, all trends are in same way shape or form had street style influence.

Instagram dedicate a hashtag to street style with over 14 million posts; even dogs have embraced this trend with #streetstyledog having over 21- thousand posts.

We have done the research from Scandinavian blondes with minimalistic tendencies, edgy Aussie beauties and even vintage loving New Yorkers and if you want to get the look, then you need to follow these simple steps or our secret formula as we are calling it. (not so secret anymore now that it's published.

The chain necklace 

The one thing they all had in common was they dedicate 60% of their Instagram feed to wearing a delicate chain necklace. At My Jewellery Shop Online you will get lost for hours we one for all tastes, styles and meatls. 

My jewellery Shop Online cocktail ring Rock the ring 

Step two is you need to rock the statement ring.  We want your feed to have one post dedicated to finger bling. The bigger the ring, the better and the bolder the colour well that nailing it.   All it takes is one look-at-me ring to make a style statement.  

Chunky ring with gems, metalwork, and geometric shapes are what you need to rock the street style look.  

Choker sophistication  

It has been all over the red carpets; designers are now giving our tops and dresses inbuilt chokers and the authentic Street Style Blogger wears one with conviction. There's something about a choker that adds a regal quality to anything you pair it with.  It can be worn walking the streets with a latte in hand or at a ball and still work.

Minimal Pendant

You've got a great outfit already happening, now add one chic pendant necklace. A pendant necklace stands out over a solid colour top.  

Simple bold ears 

A street style gal knows how to use jewellery to complement her overall look   Nothing takes away from any other accessory.  Mesh them all together and they work. Her ears are always dressed with earrings.  She wears statement small bold earrings and as she flicks her hair behind her ears, she is all sparkles.

My jewellery Shop Online Rock the leather look

When it comes to jewellery for a smart, street style, look you need to incorporate leather into your look. A leather necktie necklace or our fave the “pearl necklace” with leather. 

She takes all the trends and merges them together to create her personal style.  She uses jewellery to add the finishing touches.  She walks the streets, head held high, young girls want to be just like her, men want to date her so she can style them, other females admire her.  She is in all of us and now you know the tricks of the trade and can pull off your street style look.

My jewellery Shop Online

Don’t’ underestimate the power of jewellery in creating your street style look. It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way.  Pick the right earrings, necklace, ring all of it, to get this look with us.