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By Lou Ella D'Amore  

I started my career in corporate; I was there for many years- I broke all the fashion rules when it came to corporate style.  It often gets downplayed as unimportant—in fact, I’ve even had a manager or two remind me of all the negatives a fashion savvy girl would face.  

If you love fashion you don’t have a brain you can't be successful well I’m here to tell you that it is 2016 and fashion-success-and females are on fire. Wearing jewellery in the workplace can be a bit tricky. You can quickly go from sophisticated and classy to costume party. This Blog is here to guide you in the tight direction  

 In reality, it plays a more serious role than you think. What we wear can dictate our mood, your style. Thinking back to some of the most memorable moments in my life—I can remember I was wearing, in fact, I could tell you what you were wearing too 

Let’s start with the fashion basics every woman needs, a well fitting dress you always feel expensive in, a perfectly fitted blazer (I have one in navy, black and white), pointy heels and tailored slacks.  With those basics, you can add accessories to take your look from ultraconservative to on trend. 

Let’s talk incorporating jewellery into your look.  Sometimes it can feel hard to look professional but still express who you are as an individual. You can achieve this by throwing a little personality into your outfits with jewellery



My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery Silver Ring Wearing an attention-grabbing ring, a cocktail ring, a gemstone ring like; Smokey quartz, topaz, black onyx, turquoise or rose quartz will give you the pop of colour you need.  Adding something special to any corporate outfit look is the way to go. 

While taking notes at your meeting, your ring is displayed and ready to invite conversation or compliments.  If you pick one that suits your personality and flair, make it your signature style.

Featured Ring is the Imogen

2.    Everyday Studs

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery silver bow earrings Tiny earrings are the finishing touch to a polished outfit, but switching them up every 24 hours is a big ask. Instead, invest in one gorgeous pair that’ll work with everything and can transform from day wear to, drinks and dinner.  We have three options for you.

Pearls are classic and a must have; Unique shapes can show off your personal weekend style without being too over the top and touch of daytime bling will make you a fashion star. 

Featured Earrings are the Kristy bow

3.    Signature Statement Bib Necklace 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery statement bib necklace If you’re wearing a black suit and need to bring colour into your outfit, then the answer is a statement necklace.  It will tie your outfit together pick something brightly coloured chunky don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Once I was told that jewellery was my signature style at work because I always wore standout pieces with my suits.  Chances are people will remember that about you and that’s a good thing, especially when it comes to that promotion.

Featured Necklace is the Lizzy

4.    A Bracelet or Cuff

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery silver cuff bracelet Always include a fashionable bracelet into the mix.  Adding a cuff bracelet means you will be adding that designer feels.  Our bangle picks work with a white t-shirt and jeans just as easily as a tailored dress for the office.

Featured Cuff Bangle is the Peace Cuff 

5.    The Dainty necklace 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery Rose Gold Bow Necklace When it comes to keeping things to a bare minimum the dainty necklace runs supreme.  The good news is delicate jewellery just happens to be trending now, and killer pieces are easier to find. 

Featured Necklace is the Gabrielle Rse Gold Necklace


6.    Art-Deco Charm 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery art deco earrings


I love art-deco at the moment and love mixing it with my corporate look.  Art Deco jewellery is bright coloured with geometric shapes.  It can be worn to complete any outfit, especially at work. What I love most about this is, from the art deco era was born women's liberation so you’re making a silent statement.

Featured Earrings are the Audry Silver Earring   


7.    Timeless and meaningful jewellery  

Every successful woman always has what we call the emotional piece of jewellery something that was handed down by loved one or something you purchase to commemorate a milestone.  If you don’t have such an item and need one, you cant go past the Butterfly Silver necklace.  The butterfly is believed to be a symbol of change which is always the catalyst for new directions. 

Our overall tip is, remember you want people to see you, not hear you so don’t over do it.

 Your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. 

What I love about Jewellery is it can make you feel powerful and confident? If you work in a mans world, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like a man.  If you’re not in the fashion industry, you can still walk the corridors like you’re a catwalk model- why?- because you are female and fabulous