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By Lou Ella D'Amore  

Tassels tend to be simple in style however you can wear them every day; it’s safe to say they are true classics.  What I love best about this jewellery trend how the designers have interpreted and created truly timeless pieces that work well all year round. 

We keep hearing that fashion today is a dose of minimalism, and it may be hard to believe but tassels also can fall into that style.  

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery pear necklace

Modern Tassel Necklace

The Diana pearl lariat although not traditionally a tassel necklace this is perfect for the fashionista wanting to embrace this trend without stepping outside their fashion comfort zone 

The Bold Tassel Necklace

Tassels traditionally get associated with bold and powerful statement pieces and the next piece is all that and more…

The JoJo tassel necklace is bright and bold it is the ultimate summer statement necklace and can be worn with confidence.  My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery tassel necklace Mind you after walking down the street with this stunner brace yourself for that Stranger complement we all love.   

When I told my Grandmother I was writing an article on tassel necklaces, she looked at me with a puzzled face. On further investigation I established to her, it was an association with living room curtains.  Not the case anymore. Tassels have a long history; between Roman emperors and contemporary fashion designers, it is safe to say the life a tassel has evolved. 

The Fun Tassel Necklace

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery tassel nacklaceThe Elisha has made to our top 10 as it is suitable for all ages.  A natural beaded chain creates the best base to work with.  The tassel is multicoloured and will draw the right tone and colour from your outfit.

The Multi Tassel Necklace My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery tassel necklace

The Olivia is bright and also bold.  Once in place, it adds a certain flair to your look. It is t the fun, interesting option at an affordable price and we all love that

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery tassel necklace Tassels have permeated accessories we just can’t get enough them.  That’s mostly thanks to the bold designers as they continue to produce in their collections piece after piece that is draw dropping. 

The Beach Appropriate Tassel 

If you're feeling extra bold, try out these long stranded tassels like the Lisa it can be worn with a bikini on the beaches of Europe and transported to added flair to your jeans and white tee look.  This trend was born from boho-fab and today tassels are so much more.

The Spirtual Tassel Necklace 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery buddha tassel necklace

We can go past the Buddha tassel necklace.  We have many options but our pick is the Harper.  Bright in colour and deep in meaning.  Buddha jewellery is said to project you and provide wisdom. 

The Leather Tassel Necklace

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery leather tassel necklace One thing we’ve noticed lately about this tassel trend is they are quite literally hanging from the wrist, neck, and ears and every fashion bloggers post about them. If you want to embrace this trend we have another option that falls a little left of traditional tassel jewellery.  The Katie is leather and wood.  

The Spring Time Tassel Necklace  

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery long tassel necklace Spring fashion trends this year are set to be a lot of fun, tassel jewellery is everything you need to be on trend this season. Last season's tassels were colourful and bright the Agnes tassel necklace combines the bright but neutralises it with multiple layers of chains.  If having one giant tassel on a necklace is too bold, try out something like the Agnes. 

 The Edge Tassel Necklace

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery leather and pearl tassel necklaceA more grown-up edge to the tassel necklace is this the Pearl Cinnamon Necklace; also available in black. The biggest trend right now is any jewellery design that incorporates leather ties.  The Pearl necklace does that and so much more.  Made from freshwater pearls, this is a winner and this fashion-seasons must buy item.  

The wearing of tassels is also easily worn as the feature or stacked with textured and bold pieces that clash also works.  When it comes to tassels, there are no rules you are free to incorporate them into your unique flair and style. 

The Boho Tassel Necklace 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery Boho tassel necklace Our last product has to be classic boho chic 

The Vanessa tassel is just what you need to get the classic tassel look.  As 70’s boho run supreme on fashion catwalks, the street style bloggers love and now you can have the look 

The featured ten pieces that will help you ace the tassel trend this year. There's a tassel necklace out there for everyone, in every budget, style, and almost every material.  Our featured products are all under.


Don’t’ underestimate the power of tassel jewellery and knowing how to style it; it can take a basic look and make it exotic or fun.    It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way.  Pick the right tassel jewellery with us.