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by Lou Ella D'amore 

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of a pending holiday, packing my suitcase is always fun until I get to jewellery. What to leave behind? What to bring? How to pack it? So many questions

Our first tip doesn't leave your accessory plan to the last minute. 

What Jewellery to bring on your holiday

No matter where you’re travelling or for how long, keep in mind a vacation is a break from daily routine.  Our second tip is simple; don’t bring anything you’re going to worry about losing.  I learnt this lesson young at the family beach house my aunt had come over from America and she gifted all us girls the most extraordinary solid gold ring, mine lasted almost two weeks.  I was playing in the ocean as my fingers got water wrinkled it slipped off and even though we searched for hours it was never found.  Safe to say it is best to leave items of great monetary or emotional value at home.  Only bring them if they are a fundamental part of a specific trip.

Holiday’s are a fabulous time to accessorise. 

Tip number 3; pack a few neutral pieces for example small hoop or stud earrings, a pendant necklace, bracelet — the key is they need to work with multiple outfits, mix and match approach is essential.

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery silver heart studs

Karmen Heart Studs 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery rose gold earrings

Madelyn Rose gold Earring is for an extraordinary travel outing 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery floating heart necklace

Dekota Heart Necklace can be worn every day of your holiday.
My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery silver necklace

Faith Necklace is another good one to wear daily.




But throw in a few statement pieces, too. You need them to dress up basic travel outfit, perfect for a special dinner or meeting new people.

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery statement bib necklace

The Lizzy Statement necklace will look good with a tan 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery pink statement necklace  The Cleopatra is another great statment necklace to take with you.





How to pack Jewellery for travel

There is nothing worse than knowing what you’re going to wear and it’s tangled to the point of no return. The next few tips are all packing your travel jewellery.  

  • Jewellery Travel case: If you travel frequently, it might make sense to get yourself a travel jewellery case, they are made specifically for jewellery.
  • Zip lock bags: if you travel with sterling silver this is a must, our care instructions for silver has this tip too.  The zip lock for each piece and then in a cheap makeup bag works a treat.  It not only stops them from tangling it also keeps from tarnishing and damaging.  
  • Straws: When I was told about this years ago I said… “what the” but trust me it works,  Keep necklace chains tangle-free- slip one end through a drinking straw (one chain per straw) then close the clasp. It’s that easy. 
  • Buttons: keep earring pairs together or with studs you can feed them through each other to connect as one. We all have a collection of buttons we don’t use

With more airlines placing strict weight restriction make sure what you pick isn’t too heavy and we suggest packing your jewellery in your carry-on bag. 

If you are heading to a beach location and you're tanned, then turquoise jewellery needs to be on your list.  Just think about that Instagram post and how many likes you’ll get looking all relaxed and tanned and then bang killer turquoise jewellery pops your look taking it from nice to wowza.  Our picks are: 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery silver butterfly necklace silver butterfly necklace

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery turquoise ring

Ellen Turquoise ring and get yourseld a pair of turquise stud too they start from as low as $20..00 on out Jewellery Store onlne 




What happens if you’re packing statement necklaces, the last thing you want is to get to your destination and find they are all scratched.  Get ready to raid your kitchen cupboard.  Cling wrap to the rescue.  

  1. Start with a layer and place your items on top.  Make sure they are not touching each other and place as many as you need or fit.
  2. Cover it with another layer; your jewellery is now sandwiched safely between two layers of cling wrap. 
  3. Roll or fold and you’re ready to go.
  4. You’ll need some cling wrap in your suitcase to repeat this for your homebound trip. 

Travelling with jewellery can be a tricky task, but now that you know all the tricks and tips your next trip will be a breeze.  I love the way a statement necklace can take an ordinary outfit and make it a conversation starter. Chandelier earrings can now be packed with ease. There’s no reason why you or I shouldn’t be able to enjoy our favourite jewellery pieces when we’re away from home 

Don’t’ underestimate the trick of the trade when travelling with jewellery and knowing how to do it, will make you a style queen.  It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way.  Pick the right tassel jewellery with us.