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By Lou Ella D'Amore 

Knowing how to look good in a necklace — whether it’s a chain, pendant or string of pearls, is essential. Knowing how to pick the right style that compliments your face, neck and body type is fashion smart.   

Knowing how to wear your necklaces or put together a chain stack for some women can be a daunting task. 

A necklace is one of the easiest ways to create depth, contrast and lift your outfit it’s pretty handy for creating new necklines or enhancing your features too. 

If you were to go through your jewellery collection right now, I’m sure you’ll find a necklace — or two or five — that you rarely, if ever, wear? Why is this so…..let’s investigate?

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery necklace Now, it could be that you just don’t like the piece anymore. It was part of a fad; you got bored with it, or you saw it on a fashion blogger who told you it was a must-have. And, of course, it could have been “that unfortunate gift.”

But it’s more likely that there are two reasons you didn’t wear it. The first is It doesn’t work with your overall wardrobe and the other it doesn’t flatter you.

Both areas you want to avoid not just for the financial aspect. What are your options, how to find the best necklace length for you isn’t that hard when you know the style guide tricks

 An accessory can change the appearance of an outfit neckline for example if your top has a neckline that is too low add a statement bib necklace that sits on the inside of the scoop. 

Another great tip is to measure your neck size. Neck size is the most important number you will need to know when determining which necklace length works best. A necklace will fall lower on a person with a thin neck and sit higher on an individual with a thicker neck, makes sense right?

Let’s start with collar style necklaces they are 35cm in length, they are worn tightly around the neck and also known as dog collars.  They work best with open necklines, scoop necks, v-necks, off the shoulder and boat necks.  

 My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery necklace The next is the choker, slightly longer, 40cm in length.  Sits tight against the throat.  The best thing about this is it will suit almost any neckline.  However, if your neck thinker keeps away from this style as it draws attention or wears one that is at least 4-5cm in width. 

 Most people wear and buy the Princess Style necklace, it is 45cm in length and can be worn with almost anything.  Most chain and pendant necklace are this style.   

Matinee Style is 50-60cm and sits between the collarbone and bust.   Working great as a stack with a princess style necklace.  Worn for both business and casual wear this length should be added to your jewellery collection if you don’t have it.   

The Opera style is ideal for high necklines and evening wear.  Also works great with larger busts as it sits below and draws attention away. If that’s what you want of course! 70-90cm in length and we have many options available for you..  

Lastly is the rope, known for its elegant business and evening wear placed just below the centered of the bust.  90-104cm.  Lately, with the 70’s resurgence, we have seen this on the catwalks worn with deep-set plunging necklines.

When deciding on a ‘minimum’ chain length just add 5-10cm to your neck measurement, this will make sure your necklace isn’t too tight.  Some necklaces have what’s known as an extender, and that gives your normally 5cm more to play with.  

Always remember that necks have length and width, no two necks are the same and if you put on weight it usually is reflected in the neck. Some necks have wrinkles, sorry but it is true. Long necks can wear just about anything.  If you have a short neck and wrinkly necks, we can help.   As with any “general” advice, there are always exceptions, so it’s best to play with what you have.  Once you know what works, you will be so much happier.  Trust me there is a style for everyone! 

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery necklace Your necklace has a way of making your face appear wider, narrower, longer, or shorter…smoke ‘n mirrors. It can be a great thing if you know how to use it to your advantage.

For example, if you have a round face wearing short necklaces isn’t recommended, however, when worn with a wider open neckline with more skin showing it can work a treat. Otherwise, a longer pendant that creates a deep ‘v’ is flattering.

Tassels, fringing, charms, and ruffles can all add volume and bulk, so if you’re bigger busted be careful when choosing these styles.  Especially if the focal point is in the bust area, aim your necklace to sit ‘just above’ or ‘just below’.

If you have an oval face then you’re in luck, an oval face likes any shape necklace.

A lower choker style necklaces work with heart shaped or oblong faces it softens angles and if you have “swan neck” you should be wearing one everyday! 

The smoke ‘n mirrors trick for anyone who vertically challenged, is to wear a long necklace it can add visual length.  But make sure you look in the mirror, too long can shorten you. If you are tall and thin, a choker might be the best option. I love this look with a low-cut neckline; it is sexy and bold.  

My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery necklace                                    My jewellery Shop Online Jewellery necklace

Layering finer necklaces work on a treat for most face shapes and sizes, use 3 or 4 at varying lengths. 

If you have wrinkly neck, use a longer chain, perhaps with a stunning pendant, to draw the viewer’s eye away instead. 

Your necklace needs to work with the length of your torso too that includes your bust, if you are short or full-figured be sure your necklace choice helps with the length of your body sometimes making it a few centimeters shorter or longer changes the look. 

 If you’re 5’4” (162cm) or smaller, choose a length that sits on your collarbone or just below.

The best tip we can give you is look in the mirror and decide how the necklace looks good on you; and if you like it, wear it!

Don’t’ underestimate the power of jewellery and knowing which necklace is best for you.   It’s time to make a splash with fashion let’s go shopping the My Jewellery Shop Online way.  Pick the right necklace with us.