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My Jewellery Shop Online


Who Are We?

At My Jewellery Shop Online, we source, promote and sell Australian Jewellery and Accessories. We see our designers as the melting pot of cultures, ideas, personalities & experiences all combining to create pieces that you will tressure.

Work Culture

At My Jewellery Shop Online, we believe life should be fun, first and foremost! Our designers, production, web & social media gurus, and retail staff are committed to their work and love to have a good time doing it. If you don’t laugh at work don’t turn up.

Our company structure is non-hierarchical; we instead operate as a collaboration of individuals who are uniquely experienced and skilled, and we hold each other in high regard professionally and personally. This format has been effective in creating a highly inclusive and productive environment in which to work and express ideas creatively.

You can be confident that whether engaging with us via email, phone or in person that we are professional, knowledgeable and strong communicators who enjoy delivering exceptional customer service but most of all we are always true to our personal and core values.

We encourage and appreciate feedback from our customers and those who follow the My Jewellery Shop Online Brand, and if you have any questions or comments regarding our brand, our products or your orders/purchases, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


My Jewellery Shop Online is committed to ethical products and processes. As you will see many of our suppliers operate with high socially ethical & responsible practices that ensure products maintain a high standard of both.

Our personal and professional ideologies of fair and responsible conduct is a key factor in dealing with us as a designer/supplier or business partner and of course as a My Jewellery Shop Online employee.

We extend our ideologies to our office practices personal items such as water bottles and other plastics are recycled on site: warehouse, office and retail locations.  We endeavour to use recycled & reused materials where possible.

We regularly donate and participate with many charities. 

In 2015 we have contributed to the following organisations.

  • Cancer Council ACT
  • Monash Children’s hospital
  • Sammy D Foundation

If you would like to work with us for an event you have, please contact us and someone from our friendly team will contact you.



We love to support up and coming designers, artists and anyone in the creative industry. Throw us a line via the contact us page to connect or collaborate.

We are happy to provide jewellery for photo shoots, video clips and media appearances, and we will feature you in our Journal and social media with links to yours. Again contact us for collaborations


My Jewellery Shop Online is closely strategically aligned with other businesses that share our enthusiasm for fashion and ethically sound business practice. 

Working at My Jewellery Shop Online doesnt feel like work it is a passion, it's fun and it's what makes me smile

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