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My Jewellery Shop Online Values

My Jewellery Shop Online Values 

My Jewellery Shop Online has set values that best reflected the core of our company. The My Jewellery Shop Online's value statement is  known as EPIC IP







Effort reminds us all we are here to drive an outcome. Partnerships are about collaboration – support every touch point. Innovation reminds us to be agile, responsive and creative. Customer is the reason we exist. Integrity builds trust and all that we do is objective and we own errors as it can drive innovation.


Lastly, Passion is about the creativity, ambition, inspiration and together we can make our dreams come true. The word EPIC IP is plastered on all offie whiteboards at My Jewellery Shop Online HD and each team member has is in diaries, desks, wallets, sticky notes and in our cars. It is a way of life and transcends into our lifestyle, it is how I run my life and business. The company vision needed to align to EPIC IP.

If this is you send your CV to our office and one day you may be part of this team. 

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